Integrate Your POS and Video

Integrating your POS systems with a video surveillance solution maximizes your loss prevention efforts.

Reduce Shrink and increase your bottom line by supercharging your LP investigative abilities. SaleGuard provides a searchable database of transactions, with the associated video attached, making it easier to detect fraud, errors, and inefficiencies than ever before.

Companies installing a POS  Video Integration solution have seen losses due to employee theft reduced by up to 90% resulting in an overall reduction in total shrink of almost 30%*. Installing a POS solution like SaleGuard can quickly pay for itself with these kinds of results.

  • Improve Employee training with live review of incidents
  • Verify change out, voids, and no sales with transaction video
  • Easily search video using POS data history

Over 75% of retail companies perform some type of POS monitoring*. SaleGuard takes POS monitoring even further by integrating video surveillance into one easy-to-use application.

SaleGuard Integration Features

Video Verification

Viewing video or transaction data alone does not paint a clear picture of a potential shrink causing incident. POS data with video verification allows you to concretely identify shrink and, when needed, provide indisputable evidence to authorities in an encrypted and tamper proof format.

Video Search

Complex searches based on date/time, register, operator, category, transaction number, and exceptions are a breeze with SaleGuard. Search whatever criteria you want and easily drill down to a specific transaction line then view the corresponding video. You can also perform advanced searches of non POS video using the integrated surveillance systems video interface.

Video Training

If a picture is worth a thousand worse what about a video? Increase your employees’ performance by using SaleGuard to review video footage of transactions and identify areas for improvement. SaleGuard can also help train LP officers by showing  actual video of fraud and theft to help them better identify future incidents.

Video Overlay

- Link POS terminals and cameras to easily view recorded video and POS data on the same screen. See transaction data as it unfolds in real time with corresponding video. Then,  export recorded video with overlaid transaction data for evidence in an investigation or to aid in training.

See SaleGuard in action